Zombies for iPhone

Zombies for iPhone

Zombies is a simple turn-based board game for your iPhone and iPod touch. It's is based on the old classic Daleks game.


  • enjoyable game play suitable for all the family
  • comedy sounds and fun soundtrack
  • beautiful cartoon graphics
  • choose either male or female player

What People Are Saying

Westbright’s ‘Zombies’ breathes a breath of fresh air and comedy into a somewhat stale genre. Zombies is... an amusing little gem that is so addictive in it’s simplicity. How many other zombie-based games have the lead character saying in their best British accent ‘oh dear’ when devoured by the living dead?!

From wired4iphone.com review.

Zombies is available in the App Store now

The Westbright blog is at westbright.wordpress.com